Free Savchenko. Mourning Mariupol. Protest.

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This weekend was one of the most tragic weekends for Ukraine for last 6 months. We were planning to support our brave Nadia Savchenko, while she takes a hunger strike in one of the russian prisons. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only reason why we met in front of the Head Post Office on O’Connell street. Mariupol. On Saturday, 24th of January pro-russian terrorists in Ukraine shelled the city.  Rocket fire slammed into a market, schools, homes and shops… Ukraine claims 29 citizens dead, over a hundred injured. Many of Ukrainians in Ireland went on a protest to show our support to all people in Ukraine. We want to say that Ukraine is not on its own, facing terrorism and fear. As much as we can, we will be helping, we will remember....

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Free Savchenko, Dublin

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Officer of the Ukrainian army, prisoner of war, member of the Ukrainian parliament, Nadiya Savchenko has now been on HUNGER STRIKE since December 13, 2014, and has stated categorically that she has no other means of fighting the injustice against her, and will not stop it “until the day I return to Ukraine, or until the last day of my life in Russia!” She has been moved to solitary confinement and the prison authorities are refusing to pass on letters to her. Location: Dublin, in front of the Post Office Date: 25th of January...

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Bake Sale #2

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So the first one was not enough! We went for another one the week after. Second time we were more experienced, and prepared. We knew that success was right over the corner. Just as the first time, we got the generous invitation from Ukrainian Church to run the event withing their premises, which we are so grateful about! And so we begin: Generally we’ve made only one mistake this time – we haven’t had enough cakes! And again we were very lucky to have our community around, because nothing would happen if it would only be us doing everything. So while some people were setting up tables, meanwhile in the Church “Vertep” had their performance. Hunger comes along when you know that right over the corner is about a billion of different types of cakes. The haven’t seen this amount of people willing to help other people in the same room! Even though it my seem to look dangerous, but all went well no humans suffered, cakes slowly disappeared… Again, we were very happy to see everyone in the Church! Huge and sincere gratitude to all who came along, to everyone who was baking, to the Church that let us in. We are almost there!   “Ukrainian Connection” Society      ...

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Bake Sale #1

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On 11th of January we have had our first Bake Sale! I wouldn’t say it was easy. This was our first experience in this sort of event. Actually in any sort of events… But anyway way we enjoyed every bit of it! We started with an empty room and turned it into the Gardens of Sweetness.   Thanks to all the people that were helping us to organize the event we had the Our Lady’s Consolation premisses to run the fair. And oh my god, were they helpful! We had all we could possibly need, thermoses, hot water, spoons and dishes, and most of all – warm welcome!   By the time people started to get in, we had our tables cracking from all sorts of bakery, and there was a loud rumbling coming out of our tummies.. Our first visitors gave us some hope that we ARE going to get visitors eventually.   After half of the cakes were dismissed, we moved out little Glazed Kingdom, to the place, where we knew for sure people have a low  blood sugar levels. We moved it to the Church where Ukrainian mass was running by the time. We also knew there will be a “Vertep” performance which means basically – crowds of children! Our expectations were more than fulfilled. And lots of Ukrainian tummies were fulfilled as well. So I guess I can say – Mission Accomplished! We say huge Thanks to Everyone who was baking, to the Church that let us in, to the people who ate all the sweets, and also to our little helpers who did the hard job of exchanging sugar to donations! Your “Ukrainian Connection” gang!...

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