Finally! Ukrainian fairy tales arrived to Ireland !!!

Personal thanks to Oleg Kalenbet, Brett Hardman, Nataliya Kononenko, Mykola Krutsyk, Yuliana Balashkevych, Ivan Satsuk, Marianna Vdovykovska and all those who made this event happened. Also Maryna Mykhailoshyna masters for the excellent work.
The second day of the exhibition “Ukraine in fairy tales.” Gallery looks better and better, more and more people are coming.

Local Irish as well as tourists are very interested and amazed by our native colors, costumes, wide fields of golden rye, merry cheerful sunflowers. They don’t grow here in Ireland, and therefore no one is drawing them. Each visitor stays at the painting for 10-15 minutes and then comes back bringing along their friends. You should come as well! You will like it!