“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” is a multi-disciplinary art exhibition featuring paintings, photography, Ukrainian artifacts, strike posters as well as art performance, music and film documentary created by the artists who were active participants of the Maidan events.
Exhibition is admission free.

February 15-22, 2015

Events Program:

February 15, Sunday
3pm Gallery opens doors
Musical performance of (Olesya Zdorovetska )
Collection of warm winter clothes

February 16-20 Monday – Friday
Ukrainian history and documentary movies
Afternoon – life coaching mentoring

February 21, Saturday
1pm Documentary “The guide” (“Поводирь”)
3pm Documentary “Stronger than arms” (“Сильніше ніж зброя”)
5pm Story about visiting Maidan (Oksana Halby)
6pm Musical performance (Olesya Zdorovetska )
1-5pm Face paining and Painting with kids
Collection of warm winter clothes

February 22, Sunday
1:30pm Peace chain for free united Ukraine
2pm Signing, reading poetry, piano, guitar, children concert
3pm Service Father Vasily Kornitskyy (Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church)
3:30pm Fundraising auction: souvenirs from Ukraine
Collection of warm winter clothes

Mykola Babiy presents his copper sculptures


Dublin “FilmBase” studio, Curved Street on Temple Bar