This is the day we were all looking forward to.

The day we all got together back in October.

As usual, there wasn’t enough time for everything, not enough space, not enough velcro stickers…

But I guess all went as planned. We have had a help from many hands working as a team.

Nobody trained us to do so, but indeed people who haven’t seen each other before, have filled the room full of photos, music and great atmosphere (also cupcakes!)

This is what inspired us the most.

If we would want to mention everyone who was helping to Ukrainian Connection to build up this exhibition, the list would be massive.

And we are grateful to each one of our supporters. Without you, this event wouldn’t happen.

But enough with this lyrics! Briefly, what was going happening today on the opening day:

  • Around 3p.m. we have finished with the materials, and as the crowd was building around us, it was time for the opening as it was planned
  • Anya Kozak made an introduction speech, telling what was it all about
  • Beautiful dance was performed by our friends
  • Olesya Zdorovetska made a brilliant performance (video to come up)
  • Padraig Purcell made the final speech
  • Cupcakes were served, and the exhibition doors were opened

All of that you can see in the gallery below. It is clickable

Happy to say this again – The Exhibition is opened, everyone is welcome!

photos by Oleg BalashkevychClaudiu Ciungan