Appeal for Donations

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Everyone who has visited the Exhibition also noticed that we were collecting donations. On the exhibition it was explained what is the purpose for that. But to make things more transparent for the public, it will also be posted on our official web page. First, I will supply 2 official documents: A request from the hospital in Vinnitsa: Below is the official request to Ukrainian Connection Society from Ukrainian Embassy: Currently all people, wounded during the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine are treated in the hospitals around Ukraine. The hospital we have contacted is in need of a special medical equipment. We will contact to the medical equipment manufactures, to use all of the collected donations to purchase the equipment mentioned above, to soothe the suffer of wounded people in Ukraine. We will update the Community about the purchase delivery and usage of the equipment. We would also like to thank to everyone who has donated to our cause. Thank...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition. Video

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During the exhibition we have met many volunteers who had helped us with variety of little and big things – from sandwich making to tour-guiding, from swiping the floor to the video-reporting. Ukrainian Connection is unspeakably grateful to every single volunteer, and we hope they will become a part of Ukrainian Connection society. One of these volunteers who helped us with the exhibition as the tour guide, as a music performer, and eventually as a video-operator  is Olesya Zdorovetska. Thank you Olesya  for every contribution that you’ve made Video from Olesya about the...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition at the European House. March 12th – 20nd.

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Ukrainian Connection Society was invited to display “Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition at the premises of the Irish Office of the European Commission. It is not a very central location, but more official one. Anyway we would still expect vast public attention. The major part of our Exhibition will be available at the premises. The opening of this exhibition will happen on 12th of March at 6 p.m. We plan to organize few events during the opening night, so it will be entertaining as well. Event is admission free, so, please come to see photographs from Maidan. Check out the exhibition at the Filmbase: Opening Day, Saturday, Closing Day P1 and P2 Join the event on Facebook. House of European Union 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 March 13-20 9am – 5pm...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition. Final Day. Part 2

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If you have joined us just now, please read the first part of the closing day of the Exhibition. So, after everyone got back from the Peace Chain event, there was more special performances to follow. Believe it or not, but there is plenty of people who moved to Ireland from Ukraine but they still keep the culture of their motherland. In a way I believe that all the expats (not just Ukrainians) in Ireland actually keep the bond with their home, this is what attracts people to Dublin, and this is the reason why we started this Exhibition. People from other countries with different backgrounds, but with the same respect for other cultures and languages. After everybody were back to the Filmbase, our invited artists started their performances. Probably, ordinary people miss their roots, I could tell this after seeing the faces of the audience. I myself, will not lie, in Ukraine I haven’t ever seen anything like that. Actually in Ukraine, I would probably not be touched by similar performance, but it feels different when you’re away. Throughout the day we have had performances of a different sorts and styles. Some were sad, some were cheering,  but all very professional. Due to circumstances, of course it is important to keep hope in everyone around, their families and friends. All performances were made by the members of the Ukrainian School, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ireland. Also Father Vasily conducted a requiem of the Heavenly Hundred. Among those participated in the concert: We have heard poems: Songs Children’s singing Classic Guitar Flute/Guitar Combo We are grateful to all the performers of that day, and we will hope to hear and see more in the future. Last performance ended with the speeches of Ukrainian Connection Society, thanking to everyone around, because who knows it better than us, that it wouldn’t ever happen without the global support… And the Grand Charity Auction was announced. The Charity Auction was conducted by Ukrainian Connection Society with items brought from Ukraine. And just look at them! I wish I could have them all! But it would be too selfish, so… well better check the pictures below Eventually we have collected amount of donations that we would never ever expect in the beginning, when we have started. This is actually one of the lessons learned. We will keep our supporters updated regarding their donations. We will post all the information about it’s destination and the way process goes. As we can see it now, it is better to keep things as transparent to the Community as possible. So, please keep yourself in touch, this is where I finish describing of the Closing Day of the Exhibition. Slava Ukraini!...

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