“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition. Final Day. Part 2

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If you have joined us just now, please read the first part of the closing day of the Exhibition. So, after everyone got back from the Peace Chain event, there was more special performances to follow. Believe it or not, but there is plenty of people who moved to Ireland from Ukraine but they still keep the culture of their motherland. In a way I believe that all the expats (not just Ukrainians) in Ireland actually keep the bond with their home, this is what attracts people to Dublin, and this is the reason why we started this Exhibition. People from other countries with different backgrounds, but with the same respect for other cultures and languages. After everybody were back to the Filmbase, our invited artists started their performances. Probably, ordinary people miss their roots, I could tell this after seeing the faces of the audience. I myself, will not lie, in Ukraine I haven’t ever seen anything like that. Actually in Ukraine, I would probably not be touched by similar performance, but it feels different when you’re away. Throughout the day we have had performances of a different sorts and styles. Some were sad, some were cheering,  but all very professional. Due to circumstances, of course it is important to keep hope in everyone around, their families and friends. All performances were made by the members of the Ukrainian School, Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ireland. Also Father Vasily conducted a requiem of the Heavenly Hundred. Among those participated in the concert: We have heard poems: Songs Children’s singing Classic Guitar Flute/Guitar Combo We are grateful to all the performers of that day, and we will hope to hear and see more in the future. Last performance ended with the speeches of Ukrainian Connection Society, thanking to everyone around, because who knows it better than us, that it wouldn’t ever happen without the global support… And the Grand Charity Auction was announced. The Charity Auction was conducted by Ukrainian Connection Society with items brought from Ukraine. And just look at them! I wish I could have them all! But it would be too selfish, so… well better check the pictures below Eventually we have collected amount of donations that we would never ever expect in the beginning, when we have started. This is actually one of the lessons learned. We will keep our supporters updated regarding their donations. We will post all the information about it’s destination and the way process goes. As we can see it now, it is better to keep things as transparent to the Community as possible. So, please keep yourself in touch, this is where I finish describing of the Closing Day of the Exhibition. Slava Ukraini!...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition. Final Day. Part 1

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Just as everyone was expecting, on 22nd of February 2015 was the last day of the Exhibition at the Filmbase. Luckily enough in the same Chinese Community in Ireland was celebrating Chinese New Year nearby the Filmbase, and we unexpectedly received a bit more attention  from locals. It was originally planned to have some events every day of the week on the exhibition, but soon enough we figured that we will not have even Ukrainians during the week days, so eventually we had to squeeze everything into the weekend. So, 22nd was planned as the day when all Ukrainians will arrive to the Filmbase for Closing Day as it would be the mourning of the Heavenly Hundred. Members of Ukrainian Connection started to arrive quite soon,  since they had to prepare all the events, snacks, chairs… many many little things, to have the doors opened by 1 p.m. Now about the surprises, last time on the Opening Day, we thought we’ve a had a lot of visitors. Until Sunday. On Sunday it has become clear how many Ukrainians remember and care about Maidan. Our Ukrainian community is not limited just within the main cities of Ireland, and thanks to the power of the Internet, people all around Ireland were aware of the event and brought their families, friends and little children. Talking about children, I would be remiss indeed if I did not mention how nice, smart and polite are Ukrainian kids in Ireland! At 1 p.m. after everyone settled, we have started with speeches from members of the Community. Also Ukrainian Ambassador, Mr. Reva has given a speech regarding the events on Maidan. Oksana Halby and Oksana Semenova made a presentation about the events on Maidan, its reasons, consequences and its internal organisation.   Later, when they were finished, it was time to build the announced Peace Chain to support peace in Ukraine. Oksana Halby as a leader of the Peace Chain went outside to guide everyone willing to build a chain around Dublin’s bridges. This was a time for another surprise for all the community. It later appeared that apart from Peace Chain, it occurred to be something like Ukrainian march in memory of Heavenly Hundred and supporting a peace in Ukraine. But the most stunning was the way we have never seen in our Irish member Crisotoir O’Loingsigh, would make a perfect leader, luckily enough someone brought a megaphone, so it was used in the way no one would expect from Crisotoir! Event went very well organized and within 30 minutes everyone came back to the Filmbase. The story of the rest of the day will be published very soon, stay tuned! Meanwhile, all the pictures  below are...

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A day before Sunday

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So, tomorrow is the closing day of our exhibition. The whole week brought to everyone new experience, emotions and new people. But today it was different. It is a first weekend since opening, and people have spare time to come in and engage in a conversation. So it was one of the busiest days so far. Luckily all the members of the community gained sufficient amount of experience, and all of them were present at the Filmbase. We have had visitors from all over the world, and of course many new Ukrainian faces. In fact it is a pleasure to walk along the photos with Ukrainians as they know all the story and sometimes it feels like you are a visitor. The program of events wasn’t too wide today. But was enough to keep people’s attention. Oksana and Oksana started their presentation about Ukraine at 5 p.m. When they were finished, Olesya arrived and gave us a very touching performance. But again, the most powerful thing during this exhibition is the amount of support that was given to Ukraine from, literally all around the world. Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition in the Filmbase, so be sure to come over, more events to...

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Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity. Exhibition opening

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This is the day we were all looking forward to. The day we all got together back in October. As usual, there wasn’t enough time for everything, not enough space, not enough velcro stickers… But I guess all went as planned. We have had a help from many hands working as a team. Nobody trained us to do so, but indeed people who haven’t seen each other before, have filled the room full of photos, music and great atmosphere (also cupcakes!) This is what inspired us the most. If we would want to mention everyone who was helping to Ukrainian Connection to build up this exhibition, the list would be massive. And we are grateful to each one of our supporters. Without you, this event wouldn’t happen. But enough with this lyrics! Briefly, what was going happening today on the opening day: Around 3p.m. we have finished with the materials, and as the crowd was building around us, it was time for the opening as it was planned Anya Kozak made an introduction speech, telling what was it all about Beautiful dance was performed by our friends Olesya Zdorovetska made a brilliant performance (video to come up) Padraig Purcell made the final speech Cupcakes were served, and the exhibition doors were opened All of that you can see in the gallery below. It is clickable Happy to say this again – The Exhibition is opened, everyone is welcome! photos by Oleg Balashkevych , Claudiu Ciungan...

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Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity. DCU. Marianna Omelchenko-O’Neill speech

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“Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity” is officially opened. Official speech from “Ukrainian Connection Society” could be found here (it is at the bottom of page now but please hyperlink it). Well done to the team. Few month ago it seemed like a difficult challenge but today it is an inspiring reality for all the members of “Ukrainian Connections Society”. Sincere thank you to DCU’s Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction for organizing and outstanding opening. Thank you to experts from Ukraine, Russia, Poland and Georgia that actively took part at the conference in DCU yesterday to discuss and propose solutions to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.   The keynote speaker was Aleksander Kwaśniewski (President of Poland 1995-2005). Until November 2013, President Kwaśniewski co-led the European Parliament monitoring mission in Ukraine.   Other speakers: Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (2010 – 2014) Andriy Shevchenko, Ukrainian MP (2006 – 2014) and Maidan activist; Sergey Markedonov, Associate Professor Russian State University for the Humanities Thornike Gordadze, former Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia   The most memorable quotes from the day:   Mr Aleksander Kwaśniewski, “We need a united, common policy not just towards Russia but also China, the US and our other main EU partners.  It is a real weakness of the EU that these policies in relation to the environment, the energy are not strong enough.  The result of President Putin’s actions is that Europe is more united than before.  A further result of his policy is that Ukraine was never so strong in its own sense of own identity as it is now.  Of course they pay an extremely high price for that.  Today, we should discuss how we can support peace in this part of the world, how we can support Ukraine and how we can help the Ukrainian economy to overcome the consequences of this crisis.” Štefan Füle, “We should support Ukraine to become a more democratic, prosperous and rule-governed country. Ukraine deserves the same opportunities that were afforded to mine and other countries in Eastern Europe after 1989.  Our common European house has been destroyed. The time has come to rebuild it – all of us must jointly work on a vision of cooperation on the European continent, where all countries can take advantage of economic opportunities from Dublin to Vladivostok through European economic free zone.” Andriy Shevchenko, “In many senses the Ukrainian Maidan showed what Europe is meant to be – a strong civil society with values over procedures, with enormous desire for freedom and justice, and with people who are ready to risk their lives for a better future for their children. That was why Putin treated the Ukrainian Revolution...

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DCU Conference. Ukrainian Connection Society.

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On 12th of February 2015, in Helix, DCU was our first test run and the official opening of our First Ever Event -“Ukraine: Inspiring Dignity” photo exhibition. International Conference on “Ukraine: one year after Maidan” in DCU turned into a quite exciting day. There were so many people interested in the subject of the conflict resolution in Ukraine: young people, asking questions and studying the details of the photos; politicians, taking pro-active approach and sharing their ideas and solutions, as well as like-minded people meeting in inspiring environment. The Conference along with our exhibition today was visited by Štefan Füle, European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy (2010 –2014) Andriy Shevchenko, Member of Parliament of Ukraine (2006-2014), Maidan activist and journalist Sergey Markedonov, Professor at Russian State University for the Humanities, MoscowThorniké Gordadze, Former Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia, Head of the Research, Studies and Teaching department of the French Institute for Higher National Defense StudiesAleksander Kwaśniewski, President of Poland (1995 – 2005), EU special envoy to UkraineAmbassadors of Ukraine and Lithuania also made speeches.The day closed up at 6 p.m. with our tireless team packing the photos away for the next round in Temple Bar.For wide audience the photo exhibition will open its doors this Sunday, February 15, at 3 p.m. in Filmbase, Temple Bar. Many nice words were said our way today. Many new friends made and minds open. We hope to produce more and more events that will help to connect people and discover beloved Ukraine. You can read few more details on the independent.ie To see more, please come to our major event “Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” photo exhibition. З почином, дорогі...

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