“Ukraine through Fairytales” first days of the exhibition

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Finally! Ukrainian fairy tales arrived to Ireland !!! Personal thanks to Oleg Kalenbet, Brett Hardman, Nataliya Kononenko, Mykola Krutsyk, Yuliana Balashkevych, Ivan Satsuk, Marianna Vdovykovska and all those who made this event happened. Also Maryna Mykhailoshyna masters for the excellent work. The second day of the exhibition “Ukraine in fairy tales.” Gallery looks better and better, more and more people are coming. Local Irish as well as tourists are very interested and amazed by our native colors, costumes, wide fields of golden rye, merry cheerful sunflowers. They don’t grow here in Ireland, and therefore no one is drawing them. Each visitor stays at the painting for 10-15 minutes and then comes back bringing along their friends. You should come as well! You will like...

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Once upon a time in Ireland…

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ONCE UPON A TIME IN IRELAND… FAIRYTALES ARRIVED ALL THE WAY FROM UKRAINE! Ukrainian Connection Society in Ireland is announcing a forthcoming cultural event “Ukraine Through Fairytales” (Filmbase, Temple Bar, Dublin, 6-12 December) Common to every culture, the fairytale is a lynchpin of national heritage. Wisdom and creativity of the Ukrainians will be presented in Dublin through the paintings and illustrations of fairytales. Ukraine has always been a country of mystery and the fairy tale itself is deeply rooted in the country’s landscape. Folk tales have recorded the most important events of Ukrainian history, steeped in lyricism and poetry, wonder and wisdom of generations. Fairytales are much more than simple stories to entertain and amuse. The fantastical stories foster imagination and creativity, and also contain valuable lessons from the past while presenting the rich folkloric heritage, history of the nation and its soul… The coming exhibition in Dublin will show fairytales through the well- known Ukrainian school of book illustration and will make it an unforgettable Christmas season event for children and adults. Maryna Mykhailoshyna, a Ukrainian artist and famous book illustrator, is happy to share her works in Ireland. Her expressive images with close attention to tiny details reflect the rhythms of Ukrainian folklore. They are symbolic and full of magic and wisdom. “My paintings are about Ukraine, its fairytales and legends, about its incredibly fantastic beauty I’m in love with and I want to share all these with you”- says the illustrator. “This art project inspires the imagination and has a very unique format. Presented as modern and bright illustrations, the fairytales come alive, the pictures breathe and animate… A mother tenderly singing a lull-aby to her child, mysterious animals in the dark woods, a Ukrainian village with bleached huts, a Cossack warrior leaving for a long journey, a kobzar playing his kobza and singing about the glorious past…”. A new fairytale is coming to Dublin, visit the exhibition and feel the magic. Beautifully illustrated children’s books by Ukrainian artists in English and Ukrainian, Christmas cards from the artist, as well as her original artwork for book illustrations will be on sale and could make a fabulous Christmas gift. Part of proceeds goes to humanitarian help for Ukrainian children affected by...

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Ukraine Through Fairy Tales

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We are very excited to announce a forthcoming art exhibition “Ukraine Through Fairytales” in Filmbase, Temple Bar. Showcasing rich Ukrainian national folk traditions and unique Ukrainian school of book illustration will make it an interesting Christmas season event for children and adults, Ukrainian and Irish, tourists and locals. Beautifully illustrated children’s books by Ukrainian artists in English and Ukrainian, Christmas cards from a well known artist Maryna Mykhailoshyna, as well as her original artwork for book illustrations will be on sale and could make a fabulous Christmas gift with a difference. Some of her illustrations can be seen on the facebook page here. Painting Workshop with the artist M.Mykhailoshyna, the author of illustrations behind the book “Kobzar for Children”, is planned for Friday night, December 11. Places are limited. Book with Ukrainian Connection Society. Please share and don’t forget to visit...

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First Batch has arrived.

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To everyone who was looking forward to see how exhibition will turn into something more physical. We want to announce that the first batch of dressings for wound-treating VAC-apparatus has arrived to the Vinnitsa hospital. It actually took us a bit longer than we expected, to process the whole deal, since it is a first try. We haven’t ever done this before, and we wanted to be sure that the whole chain will actually link, and items will reach the destination. So it was a first ping, and it is successful! See the pictures below.   Also we are shoving the receipt, so those of our readers who would like to see things in numbers can be...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition. Video

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During the exhibition we have met many volunteers who had helped us with variety of little and big things – from sandwich making to tour-guiding, from swiping the floor to the video-reporting. Ukrainian Connection is unspeakably grateful to every single volunteer, and we hope they will become a part of Ukrainian Connection society. One of these volunteers who helped us with the exhibition as the tour guide, as a music performer, and eventually as a video-operator  is Olesya Zdorovetska. Thank you Olesya  for every contribution that you’ve made Video from Olesya about the...

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“Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition at the European House. March 12th – 20nd.

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Ukrainian Connection Society was invited to display “Ukraine. Inspiring Dignity” Exhibition at the premises of the Irish Office of the European Commission. It is not a very central location, but more official one. Anyway we would still expect vast public attention. The major part of our Exhibition will be available at the premises. The opening of this exhibition will happen on 12th of March at 6 p.m. We plan to organize few events during the opening night, so it will be entertaining as well. Event is admission free, so, please come to see photographs from Maidan. Check out the exhibition at the Filmbase: Opening Day, Saturday, Closing Day P1 and P2 Join the event on Facebook. House of European Union 18 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 March 13-20 9am – 5pm...

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