Everyone who has visited the Exhibition also noticed that we were collecting donations.

On the exhibition it was explained what is the purpose for that. But to make things more transparent for the public, it will also be posted on our official web page.

First, I will supply 2 official documents:

A request from the hospital in Vinnitsa:


Below is the official request to Ukrainian Connection Society from Ukrainian Embassy:

Embassy of Ukraine letter

Currently all people, wounded during the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) in the east of Ukraine are treated in the hospitals around Ukraine.
The hospital we have contacted is in need of a special medical equipment.

We will contact to the medical equipment manufactures, to use all of the collected donations to purchase the equipment mentioned above, to soothe the suffer of wounded people in Ukraine.

We will update the Community about the purchase delivery and usage of the equipment.

We would also like to thank to everyone who has donated to our cause.

Thank You!