So, tomorrow is the closing day of our exhibition. The whole week brought to everyone new experience, emotions and new people.

But today it was different. It is a first weekend since opening, and people have spare time to come in and engage in a conversation.

So it was one of the busiest days so far. Luckily all the members of the community gained sufficient amount of experience, and all of them were present at the Filmbase.

We have had visitors from all over the world, and of course many new Ukrainian faces. In fact it is a pleasure to walk along the photos with Ukrainians as they know all the story and sometimes it feels like you are a visitor.

The program of events wasn’t too wide today. But was enough to keep people’s attention.

Oksana and Oksana started their presentation about Ukraine at 5 p.m.




When they were finished, Olesya arrived and gave us a very touching performance.


But again, the most powerful thing during this exhibition is the amount of support that was given to Ukraine from, literally all around the world.


Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition in the Filmbase, so be sure to come over, more events to follow!